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Monday, 17 January 2011

Return of the DJ Vol. 4

Volume four is more exuberant cut'n'paste, more ridiculous Lessons, more sequals to previous tracks, more turntablists. The most fun track is probably by the 89 Skratch Gangstaz blasphemously sampling a Britney Spears song. This track can only be matched by the coloful cutting of the DJ JS-1's and DJ Spinbad's Dangerous to create battle routine of the Cold Cutz standards. Fruitful samples creating sentences, especially when DJ T-Rock samples an amateur porn video from Wifey's World dissing all the turntablism haters out there in Girlz didn't give me none. Hmm, come to think about it, I don't know if this was Wifey's World sample though for sure; I have to do some research.

01 Here 4 Years - DJ Storm
02 My Definition - DJ Static
03 Scroll of the Wrist Beam - Qbert
04 Lesson 89 - 89 Skratch Gangstaz (DJ Pone and Snayk Eyez)
05 World Domination 2001 - Happee & Dinoh
06 Dangerous - DJ JS-1 & DJ Spinbad
07 U.T.A. : 2 - DJ Maniphest featuring Mr. Thing
08 Unpleasant Thoughts - DJ Shortfuse
09 X Marks the Skratch - Slate
10 Buenos Dias Bitch - DJ Prolifix
11 Symphony 3000 - Top Rawmen
(featuring Yeroc, Nando, Nomad, Mike C and Jay Slim)
12 We Are The Ones - The Wristerons
13 Girlz Didn’t Give Me None - DJ T-Rock
14 Schwicky - The Animal Crackers
15 Music Evolution - E-Jay & Rocky-Rock

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