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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Peyote Cody - Tumultuous Turntable Trajectory

This one is from 2000 and is so all over the place that you will either love it or you won't. I happen to be one person that loves it. Check out the tracklist and you will see why it's a must have! Enjoy...


1. Norwood from Fishbone intro
2. Mr. Rogers- Grow 12 Inches
3. Hurricane- Now You Do w/Ozzy,Sly Stone, Led Zep adds
4. Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love w/Kool Kieth add
5. Wilson Picket- Back On Time w/...
6. Black Sheep-Choice Is Yours ontop
7. Masters of Illusion- Potnas Confused
8. Audio Two- Top Billin' w/ EPMD add
9. EPMD- Stristly Business w/Peyote adds
10. ZZ Top- Cheap Sunglasses w/P.E.-ProphetsOfRage+EdgarWinter add
12. KRS One- SoundOfThePolice w/NWA + GrandFunk add
13. Grand Funk- InsideLookingOut w/Kane,Cheech+Chong,PE adds
14. Run DMC- Runs House w/Hendrix,Sabbath,+RageAgainstMachine adds
15. NWA- RuthlessVillian w/Metallica,Sabbath,Hendrix,SuicidalTen. adds
16. Schoolly D- B Boy Rhyme and Riddle
17. MC Lyte- MC Lyte Likes Swinging w/Public Enemy adds
18. Cypress Hill- Hand on the Pump
19. De La Soul- Oodles of O's
20. The Specials- Message to Rudy
21. Jimmy Cliff- Harder They Fall w/NWA add
22. Johnny Lee Hooker- Boogie Chillin
23. Yes- Heart of the Sunrise w/Beasties,Ozzy,Rufus adds
24. Charles Mingus- 3 Worlds of Drums w/ Esthero beat
25. Company Flow- Suzy Pulled a Pistol beat w/Yes add
26. Outkast- So Fresh So Clean
27. Public Enemy- Miuzi Weighs a Ton beat w/LL-Canday add
28. AWOL One- Sleeping All Day
29. FrankSinatra- Goin Out of my Head w/LMNO-Headlock beat + JoeWalsh add
30. Jeru- Come Clean beat w/Joe Walsh-LifesBeenGood add
31. Rush- TomSawyer w/SaulWilliams-Penny 4 a Thought + OC adds
32. O.C.- Times Up W/Living Colour + Rush adds
33. LL Cool J- I'm Bad w/ War add
34. Cheech & Chong- Earache My Eye w/LL Cool J add
35. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Partay on yo Pussay w/Edgar Winter hornadd
36. War- Why Cant We Be Friends
37. Queen Latifah- Wrath of Madness acca over Hair loop
38. Quasimoto- Discipline 99 w/ Edgar Winter add
39. Rolling Stones- Monkey Man
40. Gangstarr- Too Deep
41. Q Tip & Busta Rhymes- Wild Hot
42. Biz Markie & Big Daddy Kane- Rhymin with Biz
43. Talib Kweli- Move Somethin ontopof Queen-Dragon Attack
44. Pretty Purdie- Drum Solo
45. Van Halen- Runnin with the Devil
46. Old Dirty Bastard- Shimmy Shimmy Ya
47. Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It RMX w/Fishbone scratch
48. Chambers Brothers- Funky
49. Beastie Boys- Jimmy James w/Jimi Hendrix add
50. Sly and the Family Stone- Crossword Puzzle
51. Gangstarr- Take a Rest
52. Pharcyde- Oh ****
53. Beastie Boys- Shake Your Rump
54. Sly Stone- Loose Booty
55. James Brown- The Grunt
56. Public Enemy- Night of Living Baseheads RMX
57. Funkadelic- If You Got Funk You Got Style
58. Main Source- Peace is not the Word to Play
59. Roy Ayers- You and Me My Love
60. Breakestra- Getcho Soul Together
61. Mix Master Mike- Unidentifried + BS2000 w/IceCube-AMW acca
62. Steel Pulse- Chant A Psalm w/Funkadelic add
63. Lynn Collins- Momma Feelgood
64. Roxanne Shante- Go On Girl
65. Eric B & Rakim- Knowledge w/Booker T organ add
66. Mongo Santamaria- Cold Sweat w/Hendrix + Stones add
67. Van Halen- Where Have All the Good Times Gone
68. Butter 08- How Do I Relax
69. Stevie Wonder- Higher Ground
70. Police- World Is Runnin Down w/ De La Soul+Stevie+Outkast adds
71. Sunra Outro

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