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Friday, 12 February 2010

Kutmasta Kurt- Redneck Olympics

I figured since the opening ceremony for the 2010 winter olympics is tonight and its being held where I live this is a suiting post. It should be the summer olympics though since it hasn't snowed on the local mountains in weeks. In fact they've had to take snow from other mountains and truck it in LOL anyways I dunno if anybody is into this dude but here yea go....

1. beastie boys "body movin remix'" featuring DJ Revolution
2. dilated peoples "work the angles"
3. mos def & diverse "wildin out remix"
4. linkin' park "in the end remix" featuring motion man
5. push button objects feat del & mr lif "360 degrees"
6. planet asia featuring kutmasta kurt "golden age"
7. titan "1,2,3,4 remix" featuring Motion Man
8. rasco "ready 2 rock w/ us"
9. blackalicious "redemption"
10. grand agent "every five minutes"
11. pmd (of epmd) "straight from the heart"
12. 7L & esoteric "rest in peace"
13. planet asia & 427 "bringin it back remix"
14. motion man feat. KutMasta Kurt "show up for practice"
15. resorte "brota remix" featuring DIE
16. kool keith "i don't believe u remix"


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