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Friday, 16 November 2012

Itchy & Skratchy DJ's- Lower The Boom

Itchy & Skratchy DJs continue their mixtape series, and go in hard with their eagerly awaited latest outing “Lower the Boom”. Continually inspired by 90’s hip hop, a fusion of genres brings this tape to the forefront of the sound. Expect the chunkiest glitch hop, seamlessly mixed and scratched with the precision and flair that we have come to expect from these three guys.

Itchy & Skratchy DJs Intro
Off Kilter VIP– Tipper
Spell on you – Mustard Tiger [Mouldy Soul remix]
Loist Moinal – Opiuo
Clip Clap with a Boom Shwack – Funkdamunk
Mr B – Griz
Without a Passport (WOP) – Rubber headz
Next Episode – Staunch
Contact – Goosebumpz
Robo Booty – Opiuo (Teknizm vs Lucky HZ & Clufe remix)
San Francisco – Alias & Benson (Itchy Re-Rub)
Character – Quade (Dephicit Remix) – (Itchy Re-Rub)
Gutter fruit – Dephicit
Rokkit Snot - Sunmonx

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