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Sunday, 20 March 2011

DJ Q-Bert & D-Styles - Live from the Range Rover

1. Way Faster Than Light Speed(Freestyle Scratch Session)
2. Trace-Ii W- Laser Canons(Freestyle Scratch Session)
3. Extracting 25% ( 33% H2O Per Kg Of H2so4(Freestyle Scratch Session)
4. Green Glowing Clouds Of Jupiter(Freestyle Scratch Session)
5. Moon Based Packet Via Photon Transponder(Q-Bert Drum Solo)
6. Renting Rigid Airships + Miles(Drum & Scratch Routine)
7. SilicaDiatoms(Q-Bert Scratch Solo)
8. How Much Moon-Rock As Meteorites On Earth(D-Styles Scratch Routine)
9. Me-L1 Counter-Rotating Flywheels(Drum & Scratch)
10. The Lunar Metro Bus(Freestyle Scratch Session)
11. Operating On H2o2 - C12h26(D-Styles Scratch Routine)
12. Humans On A Nasty Venus(Q-Bert Scratch Routine)
13. Faster Photons Using Atomic Oort Zone(Freestyle Scratch Session)


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