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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Scratch Attack Vol. 2

Note: this one is one long file. I apologize for the inconvenience.

01) Bas-1 & DJ Platurn "Battle Record Back" (Intro)
02) DJ QBert "Turbo Paw Platoon"
03) Alien Army "Daily Nightmare"
04) DJ Pone "Munkifunk (It's Your Birthday)"
05) DJ Jester & the GELLM ""
06) Bas-1 "To All The DJ's"
07) DJ Tico & H.O.P. "It's.....Teeko"
08) Double Dee & Steinski "Jazz"
09) Deeandroid & Celskiii "Live @ the Vulcan"
10) "You read Rolling Stone?"
11) Alien Army "Destroy"
12) "I.D."
13) DJ Happee "Last Night I Ruled the World"
14) DJ Spair "Your Typical Skratch Track"
15) Bas-1 "DJ Shout-outs"
16) D-Styles, DJ Pone, & Snyak Eyez "First Half"
17) DJ Quest & Live Human "Fr-Fre-Fre-Fresshhhhhhh!"
18) DJ Haste "Styles To Kiss"
19) DJ Marvel "Turntable Menace"
20) "Where It All Started From"
21) "Lights, Sound, Records"
22) "Platurn's Vinyl Obituary" (feat. Audio Angel)
23) "What Is A Terrorist If He Can't Scratch?"
24) "Apollo/Hip Hop Slam Hall of Fame"
25) "We Have The Greatest DJ's In The World (Outro)"


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  1. Could you re-up this please as link is dead, many thanks!!


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