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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

DJ Stylewarz- in CUT

Dont know much about this DJ so heres a write up from amazon:

DJ Stylewarz counts since the late '80s to the main protagonists of the German hip-hop scene. As a member of No Remorse he carried no small part to the positive development of the scene. Meanwhile, he definitely is one of the busiest disk spins of the country. On his first solo album, recorded with the active help of good friends like Toni L, Eißfeldt (Absolute Beginner), Spax, Balde, Torch and David P (Maine), he underlines impressively his class as a producer. Unlike many colleagues, which the first third of her album inevitably posed by air already Stylewarz draws from a solid, which beats, tight grooves and accurately set Scratches As for class. In addition to delicious old-school electro-numbers such as the cooperation with The Bo from five-star deluxe recorded "Stylewarz" he believes in plays such as "Please ... Who (hot like fire II)" quite well even with an elegant built-Led Zeppelin sample. The highlight of the plate is clearly that of Eißfeld and David P. inimitable style rapped in "I'm the greatest," in which the humor is guaranteed not to miss out. - Norbert Schiegl



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