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Thursday, 17 June 2010

D-Styles-Inspiration Information

The leader of the pack to deejays like Ricci Rucker and Mike Boo, D-Styles is the crown ruler at moving the role of the hip hop dj forward. Firstly as a ISP member and subsequently in solo mode guesting on nuff stellar projects plus we can't forget all those perverted battle break albums. This 34 part one hour CD is part old school mix and half a compilation of old school jams that have influenced D's scratching and jams that are obviously some of his favourites. The majority of the tracks are low riding 808 boom tunes, you know the type rocked by Too Short and most influencially by 2 Live Crew on the sick 'Ghetto Bass'. Blunted beatbox rockets drop from DMX and Ready Roc C backing up Fresh Prince and Just Ice. Forgotten crew UTFO feature as well as JVC Force, Gucci Crew, Z-3Mc's, Steady B, School Of Hard Knocks and Jewel T. Extra props for including Knights Of The Turntables 'Techno Scratch', a ill education. Extra bonus tracks at the end of this CD include D rocking with Ricci Rucker and Mr.Henshaw plus much more. Highly recommended.

1 D-Styles - Intro
2 Camden Crew - Summer Kicks
3 Just Ice* - Latoya
4 Just Ice* - Little Bad Johnny
5 Seville - Back For The Payback
6 Too Short - Freaky Tales
7 Hugh E MC* - H-Niggas Groove
8 2 Live Crew* - Ghetto Bass
9 JVC Force* - Force Is The Boss
10 Fresh Gordon - Beat Of The Street
11 Big Daddy Kane - Put Your Weight On It
12 Too Short - In The Trunk
13 Gucci Crew* - Dating Game
14 Scorpio (3) - Black Spades
15 Ice T* - Six In The Morning
16 UTFO - My Cut Is Correct
17 Dujeous* - Cinematics
18 Z3MC's* - Triple Threat
19 TDS Mob* - Scratch Reaction
20 ATC* - This Beat Is Def
21 Steady B - Funky Drummer
22 Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love
23 Jewel T* - I Like It Loud
24 Knights Of The Turntable* - Techno Scratch
25 Cash Money & Marvelous - New Sheriff In Town
26 Depth Charge - Daughters Of Darkness
27 Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince* - Rock The House
28 B-Girls - You Can't Break B-Boys
29 D-Styles & Ricci Rucker - Can You Tell
30 D-Styles versus Mr. Henshaw - No Warning
31 D-Styles versus Mr. Henshaw - Untitled
32 D-Styles - Mr. Arrogant Remix
Remix - Noisy Stylus Crew*
Scratches [Aah Solo] - Tobeyer
33 D-Styles - Felonious Funk Remix
Remix - Animal Crackers
34 D-Styles - Straight Outta Frisco

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