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Saturday, 8 May 2010

DJ Nando & Mike C- My Sides Better....Naw Mine Is

Representing the Southern California turntablist crew Top Rawmen, established in 1997, DJs Nando and Mike C have made their permanent marks on both the national and local turntable scenes over the last few years.
With his patented, untouchable performance routines and countless competition victories, Nando has come to be generally recognized as one of the top two active battle DJs in all of Southern California. A two-time US Finalist - 1998 ITF and 1999 DMC - and the reigning DMC Northwest Regional Champion, he never leaves a spectator or listener disappointed.
After paying dues since 1996 in both the Bay Area and Southern California battle scenes - two of the toughest regions in the world - Mike C advanced to the national stage last year, taking second place in the now-legendary 1999 ITF U.S. Finals battle. He gained further worldwide exposure through his special guest appearance on the latest Invisibl Skratch Piklz video, Turntable TV No. 7 "Wash Your Trash."
With their debut mixtape, already hailed as a classic in turntablist/scratch DJ circles, Nando and Mike C bring you ninety minutes of the dopest early '90s hip-hop, blended with the finest in Southern California turntablism. Some of the tape’s most talked-about features include Nando's unforgettable performances on Sway & Tech's World Famous Wakeup Show, and the monster scratch song by the entire Top Rawmen squad entitled "Say Who's In Your Crew."
Which side's better? It depends on how you like to listen. If you like to sit down and pay close attention to things, noticing every detail part by part, then you'll be feeling Mike C's side; if you just want to sit back, drive, and let the dopest jams bump with no need for the fast-forward button, then Nando's side was made with you in mind.


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  1. i was just listening to this and went searching for the cover since i never scanned the mixtape cover at my parents' place. thanks for sharing this with folks!!


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