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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rock-It Scientists - The Blast Off 2

Vol. 2 of our mix CD series where we take everything we've remixed in the past few months, and chop them up, mix them together, until you have no idea what kind of music you're listening to. Starts with Felli Fell ends with A-ha...

“The mix is a blend of old and new, everything from Hip Hop to Polka. It’s not for DJs, it’s not for clubs…’s for you. This is the perfect CD for that long road trip you’ve been planning but will probably never take or next time you and your lover are taking a hot bath together, toss it in the old boombox and let it go to work for you. Either way, DJ GUZIE and I are thrilled with the way it came out and hope you are too!”


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