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Friday, 5 February 2010

DJ Exile (of Emanon) - Dawn's Second Coming

Side One: Mixed by Exile
A1 Exile - Meditation
A2 Exile - Meditation 2
A3 Aceyalone - The Balance
A4 Latyrx - Regions
A5 Propellerheads - 360 Degrees (Oh Yeah?)
A6 Portishead - Humming
A7 Abstract Rude - Situations
A8 Exile - Meterism
A9 Exile - Words
A10 Exile - Find Out Yourself #1
A11 Exile - Young Rock and Roll Fool
A12 Exile - Find Out Yourself #2
A13 King T - Ko Rock Stuff
A14 INI - Square One
A15 Lootpack - The Anthem
A16 Exile - Scratch Break
A17 Saafir - Bones in the Closet
A18 Slick Rick - Lick the Balls
A19 Exile - A Day in Exile
A20 Exile - Shackles of Light

Side Two: Mixed by Emanon
B1 Emanon - Intro
B2 Emanon - Age of Aquarius
B3 Emanon - Rhythm to Life
B4 Exile - Fifteen the Day Before
B5 Emanon - Blind Individuals
B6 Aloe Blacc - Death Becomes Me
B7 Exile - Fish Out of Water
B8 Aloe Blacc - Writer's Black (feat. Takbir)
B9 Aloe Blacc - Recollection
B10 Emanon - Astronauts



  1. errrr, wtf is happening here? I can't see anything? Might be my adblockers but this image is drawing a blank.

  2. therecordtoucher22 June 2010 at 11:24

    Some typos on this, should be labled Dj Exile of Emanon. Side two is songs by the group "Emanon" which consists of Dj Exile & Rapper Aloe Blacc) Anyway its really dope, thanks a lot for posting this up.


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