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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Transformers- Scratch Cyborgz from Outer Space

Xavier Naidoo Introducing Transformers, The* - Landing On Earth
Transformers Feat. DJ M.A.R.C. - Live Session '98
Transformers - On The Cut
Sway and King Tech* Feat. DJ Revolution- The Anthem
Twister And Release* - Suckin' Needles
Transformers - DJ's Start That Hip Hop Thang
DJ Talkback - Start From Scratch
DJ Q-Bert - Razorback Alcoholic Slide
DJ Spliff - Where's The Scratch At?
Transformers - Scratchin' - What Is It? / Here Come The Rockets
Azad - Tear Shit Up
Transformers - The Most Dangerous Octopus (Skit)
DJ Twister* - How You Like Me Now?
DJ Dragon - No Comment Scratch
DJ Babu* - Suckas (Sucka DJ Dis)
DJ Crazy Cuts - This Is A Demo
DJ Hype - Cut Like A Guillotine
Rob Swift - What Would You Do
Peanut Butter Wolf - Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats


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