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Monday, 25 January 2010

Tableturns presents Remaxing and Relaxing Mixed by Rob Swift

Here's a write up about it:

Catchy hook, complex rhyme scheme, danceable beat, someone rhyming words over it in rhythm, DJ's screaming in the background; so many different quirks have affected what the masses believe should be in a "good" rap song. With all of these unwritten, technical requirements, it seems in the process of trying to gain, something was lost. Soul was replaced with formulas; science for art. Producers could simply fulfill most of that criterion and almost deafly make a successful rap song. Meanwhile, the Golden Days of hip-hop consisted of the most fundamental aspects of the music: MC, break beat, DJ. Within that simplicity was some of the greatest hip-hop ever to bless ears.

This CD nods its head to the more simplistic days. When a good song was a good song because it made you feel good, or even sad; either way it made you feel it. It wasn't because the way the hi-hat skips every 3rd note or the intricate rhyme scheme that tries to decorate stale content. This album uses the simple guidelines from the past: dope MCs, dope beats, raw cuts from the DJ, and in this special instance, the X-factor being remixes. Produced by BT, mixed by Rob Swift, and featuring the MC, Invisible, we're shown that new dogs can use old tricks.


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